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It's really simple and quick to Register for your DVD Locker Account.

You'll create a DVD Locker username with a few other details such as your name, email address. We'll also need your address so we can your movies to this address.

That's it, you can log in to your brand new DVD Locker account.

Choose Your Plan

Choose if you want DVDs or Blu-rays, view the plans and choose the plan that suits you.

We accept payment by Debit/Credit Cards and PayPal.

There's no contract and you can cancel anytime.

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You will create a movie profile so our movie experts can select the best movies for you.

Our movie experts will review your movie profile and choose movies based on your profile.

If you already own or dislike any of the movies selected, it's really simple to swap them in your account.

If your happy with the movies selected, we'll depatch them on the date shown on your account.

Enjoy DVD Locker

After a few days of signing up, we will dispatch your movies and when they arrive, you can just sit back, grab the popcorn and hit play.

The movies are yours to keep too so you can build your movie collection.

Enjoy the movies and popcorn!


This is just a small selection of the movies you could get from DVD Locker