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Here you will find some of the DVDs & Blurays you will receive from DVD Locker.
This list is not definitive and there are many more titles we have available.

The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages, Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl, Way Down East, Within Our Gates, Orphans of the Storm, The Phantom Carriage, Foolish Wives, Blood and Sand, The Smiling Madame Beudet, The Faithful Heart, The Wheel, The Last Laugh, Greed, Siegfried, Kriemhild's Revenge, Battleship Potemkin, The Eagle, Strike, The Big Parade, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, Metropolis, Napoleon, The Kid Brother, The Unknown, The Jazz Singer, "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", The Passion of Joan of Arc, Lonesome, The Patsy, The Docks of New York, October (Ten Days that Shook the World), Storm Over Asia, The Crowd, A Throw of Dice, Pandora's Box, L'Age d'Or, Earth, The Blue Angel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Mädchen in Uniform, City Lights, M, Little Caesar, The Public Enemy, La Chienne, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Limite, Mata Hari, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas, Merrily We Go to Hell, Grand Hotel, Shanghai Express, "I Was Born, But...", I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, Scarface, Winner Take All, Me and My Gal, The Sign of the Cross, Freaks, She Done Him Wrong, Queen Christina, Dinner at Eight, Gold Diggers of 1933, Christopher Strong, The Bitter Tea of General Yen, Judge Priest, The Goddess (Shen nu), The Road to Ruin, L'Atalante, Mutiny on the Bounty, Peter Ibbetson, Les Misérables, Fury, Modern Times, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Craig's Wife, Reefer Madness, Camille, Dodsworth, You Only Live Once, Pépé le Moko, Make Way for Tomorrow, Captains Courageous, The Life of Emile Zola, The Bride Wore Red, Stella Dallas, La Grande Illusion, The Baker's Wife, Angels with Dirty Faces, Jezebel, The Rules of the Game, Port of Shadows, Daybreak, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Only Angels Have Wings, The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Wuthering Heights, Gone with the Wind, Jud Süß, "Dance, Girl, Dance", His Girl Friday, The Grapes of Wrath, Rebecca, Pinocchio, The Great Dictator, The Mortal Storm, How Green Was My Valley, Sullivan's Travels, Citizen Kane, Sergeant York, The Maltese Falcon, High Sierra, The Wolf Man, Bambi, Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy, "Now, Voyager", The Magnificent Ambersons, Mrs. Miniver, Shadow of a Doubt, Le Corbeau: The Raven, Ossessione, The Ox-Bow Incident, The Man in Grey, The Seventh Victim, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Fires Were Started, Double Indemnity, National Velvet, Laura, Henry V, "Murder, My Sweet", The Woman in the Window, Gaslight, Scarlet Street, "Rome, Open City", Children of Paradise, Brief Encounter, Detour, The Lost Weekend, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mildred Pierce, I Know Where I'm Going!', Great Expectations, The Best Years of Our Lives, It's a Wonderful Life, Beauty and the Beast, The Jolson Story, The Killers, The Stranger, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Stairway to Heaven (aka A Matter of Life and Death), Gilda, Notorious, My Darling Clementine, Paisan, Black Narcissus, Monsieur Verdoux, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Lady from Shanghai, Odd Man Out, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Out of the Past, Song of Love, Secret Beyond the Door..., Bicycle Thieves, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Big Clock, Rope, Force of Evil, The Snake Pit, The Red Shoes, Letter from an Unknown Woman, Spring in a Small Town, Adam's Rib, White Heat, Bitter Rice, The Reckless Moment, We Want a Child!, The Heiress, Sunset Blvd., La Ronde, Los Olvidados, Rashomon, Gun Crazy, No Way Out, The Asphalt Jungle, All About Eve, In a Lonely Place, Orpheus, The Day the Earth Stood Still, A Streetcar Named Desire, On Dangerous Ground, All That I Have, Diary of a Country Priest, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, Ace in the Hole, A Place in the Sun, Quo Vadis, Don't Bother to Knock, Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits), The Golden Coach, The Quiet Man, Europe '51, Ikiru, Umberto D., Angel Face, Limelight, The Bad and the Beautiful, High Noon, Rancho Notorious, The Big Sky, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Roman Holiday, Tokyo Story, Ugetsu Monogatari, Beat the Devil, The Wages of Fear, The Bigamist, The Robe, Gate of Hell, Summer with Monika, The Earrings of Madame de..., From Here to Eternity, Shane, Seven Samurai, Sansho the Bailiff, Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto, Animal Farm, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, On the Waterfront, Journey to Italy, La Strada, The Barefoot Contessa, Salt of the Earth, Senso, The Country Girl, A Star Is Born, Carmen Jones, Go Man Go, Johnny Guitar, Pather Panchali, The Dam Busters, The Night of the Hunter, Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple, To Hell and Back, Giv'a 24 Eina Ona, Lola Montès, The Phenix City Story, Bad Day at Black Rock, Blackboard Jungle, Ordet, The Man with the Golden Arm, All That Heaven Allows, East of Eden, Marty, Rebel Without a Cause, A Man Escaped, Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island, The Ten Commandments, The Wrong Man, While the City Sleeps, Aparajito, Bigger Than Life, The Burmese Harp, Written on the Wind, Giant, 1984, Wild Strawberries, 12 Angry Men, Nights of Cabiria, The Seventh Seal, Witness for the Prosecution, The Bridge on the River Kwai, A King in New York, Throne of Blood (Macbeth), Sweet Smell of Success, Mother India, An Affair to Remember, The Cranes are Flying, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Paths of Glory, The Hidden Fortress, The Tiger of Eschnapur, St. Louis Blues, Auntie Mame, The Iron Gate (or Cairo Station or Bab el hadid), The Defiant Ones, The Music Room, Some Came Running, Man of the West, Ashes and Diamonds, Pickpocket, Shadows, Ben-Hur, Black Orpheus, The 400 Blows, Anatomy of a Murder, Floating Weeds, The World of Apu, Imitation of Life, Hiroshima Mon Amour, On the Beach, Our Man in Havana, Ride Lonesome, La Dolce Vita, L'Avventura, The Apartment, Spartacus, Breathless, The Housemaid, Rocco and His Brothers, Le Trou, Shoot the Piano Player, The Young One, Inherit the Wind, The Cloud-Capped Star, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Through a Glass Darkly, Viridiana, La Notte, The Hustler, Breakfast at Tiffany's, West Side Story, A Raisin in the Sun, Accattone , The Exiles, Last Year at Marienbad, Lola, Splendor in the Grass, The Miracle Worker, Cleo from 5 to 7, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Tale of Zatoichi, The Exterminating Angel, An Autumn Afternoon, The Given Word, Vivre Sa Vie, Jules and Jim, L'Eclisse, Lolita, The Great Escape, Winter Light, 8½, Zatoichi on the Road, New Tale of Zatoichi, Lord of the Flies, Cleopatra, The Cool World, High and Low, An Actor's Revenge, Barren Lives, Contempt (Le Mépris), Flaming Creatures, Hud, The Empty Canvas, The Servant, The Silence, Lilies of the Field, The Leopard, Passenger, Shock Corridor, Becket, Band of Outsiders, "Marriage, Italian Style", Red Desert, "Black God, White Devil", Fail-Safe, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Seduced and Abandoned, Gertrud, I Am Cuba, Stage Sisters, The Night of the Iguana, Onibaba, My Fair Lady, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Marnie, Before the Revolution, Loving Couples, Woman in the Dunes, Juliet of the Spirits, The Agony and the Ecstasy, A High Wind in Jamaica, The Saragossa Manuscript, The Sound of Music, Pierrot le Fou, Chimes at Midnight, The Golden Thread, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Alphaville, Doctor Zhivago, The War Game, The Shop on Main Street, Daisies, Au Hasard Balthazar, Persona, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Masculin Féminin, A Man for All Seasons, Andrei Rublev, Closely Watched Trains, The Battle of Algiers, Nattlek, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short, War and Peace, Seconds, Blow-Up, Wait Until Dark, Cool Hand Luke, Belle de Jour, The Graduate, A Colt Is My Passport, Bonnie and Clyde, 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, David Holzman's Diary, The Firemen's Ball, Weekend, Viy, The Young Girls of Rochefort, In the Heat of the Night, Le Samouraï, Point Blank, Entranced Earth (Terra em transe), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, I Even Met Happy Gypsies, When I Am Dead and Gone, Marketa Lazarová, The Red and the White, The Color of Pomegranates, Doctor Glas, Faces, If...., Lucía, Memories of Underdevelopment, Partner, Shame, The Girls, The Committee, The Lion in Winter, Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen), Rosemary's Baby, Charly, Age of Consent, Z, The Cow (Gaav), Easy Rider, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Kes, Midnight Cowboy, My Night at Maud's, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?", Fellini Satyricon, Katzelmacher, Women in Love, The Conformist, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Patton, Deep End, MASH, Wanda, Performance, Five Easy Pieces, Tristana, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The Spider's Stratagem, Zabriskie Point, The Ear, Fists of Fury (The Big Boss), Harold and Maude, Fiddler on the Roof, Walkabout, A Clockwork Orange, Big Jake, Billy Jack, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Murmur of the Heart, The Last Picture Show, Two-Lane Blacktop, The Devils, Straw Dogs, Wake in Fright, Johnny Got His Gun, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Hired Hand, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, "Aguirre, the Wrath of God", The Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury), The Godfather, The Way of the Dragon, Deliverance, Super Fly, Prime Cut, The Harder They Come, Nathalie Granger, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Man, Zatoichi at Large, A Thief in the Night, Under the Flag of the Rising Sun, Cabaret, Red Psalm, Cries & Whispers, Last Tango in Paris, Silent Running, Fat City, The Long Goodbye, Amarcord, Enter the Dragon, Day for Night, The Spirit of the Beehive, The Holy Mountain, Papillon, American Graffiti, Lady Snowblood, Fantastic Planet, Serpico, The Sting, Love and Anarchy, Badlands, Mean Streets, Anita: Swedish Nymphet, The Homecoming, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Don't Look Now, The Mother and the Whore, Turkish Delight, The Godfather: Part II, Chinatown, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Swept Away, Celine and Julie Go Boating, The Conversation, A Woman Under the Influence, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Jacob the Liar, The Mirror, Seven Beauties, "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles", Dog Day Afternoon, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Deewaar, Dersu Uzala, Barry Lyndon, A Boy and His Dog, Fox and His Friends, India Song, The Travelling Players, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Nashville, The Nail of Brightness, The Passenger, "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom", Taxi Driver, Network, Rocky, The Yum Yum Girls, Satan's Brew [Satansbraten], The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Cria Cuervos, 1900, All the President's Men, In the Realm of the Senses, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Ascent, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Sleeping Dogs, Stroszek, Gülen Gözler (Laughing Eyes), That Obscure Object of Desire, The Goodbye Girl, The American Friend, 3 Women, Ceddo, Julia, Last Chants for a Slow Dance, Man of Marble, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Saturday Night Fever, The Last Wave, Le Camion, Soldier of Orange, The Game of Death, Days of Heaven, The Deer Hunter, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The Lord of the Rings, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The Brink's Job, Rockers, The Tree of Wooden Clogs, Rocky II, Kramer vs. Kramer, My Brilliant Career, Apocalypse Now, Jesus, Manhattan, Breaking Away, Escape from Alcatraz, Quadrophenia, Killer of Sheep, Norma Rae, Being There, All That Jazz, Tess, Stalker, The Marriage of Maria Braun, The Tin Drum, The Elephant Man, Raging Bull, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, The Stunt Man, The Big Red One, Who's Singin' Over There?, Cruising, Atlantic City, Ordinary People, Loulou, The Last Metro, Das Boot, Chariots of Fire, Thief, Excalibur, Gallipoli, New York Beat Movie, Reds, Body Heat, The Loveless (Breakdown), Three Brothers, Tuck Everlasting, Man of Iron (Czlowiek z zelaza), Pennies from Heaven, Rocky III, Blade Runner, Gandhi, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Fitzcarraldo, Diner, The King of Comedy, The World According to Garp, Tempest, The Draughtsman's Contract, Tootsie, A Question of Silence, Boat People (Tau ban no hoi), The Night of the Shooting Stars, Sophie's Choice, Yol, Personal Best, Chained Heat, The Big Chill, BMX Bandits, The Right Stuff, El Norte, Terms of Endearment, Local Hero, L'argent, Scarface, The Ballad of Narayama, Sugar Cane Alley, Yentl, The Fourth Man, The Element of Crime, Red Dawn, The NeverEnding Story, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Love Streams, The Natural, Cal, The Karate Kid, Beverly Hills Cop, The River Rat, A Passage to India, Utu, Amadeus, Stranger Than Paradise, The Hotel New Hampshire, Once Upon a Time in America, "Paris, Texas", The Killing Fields, Yellow Earth, White Nights, Vision Quest, Ran, Witness, Brazil, Vagabond (Without Roof or Rule), A Room with a View, Rocky IV, The Breakfast Club, The Falcon and the Snowman, "A Time to Live, a Time to Die", Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, Out of Africa, Prizzi's Honor, Desperately Seeking Susan, My Beautiful Laundrette, "Je vous salue, Marie (Hail Mary)", Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Color Purple, My Life as a Dog, Sylvester, Come and See, The Official Story, St. Elmo's Fire, The Quiet Earth, Children of a Lesser God, Platoon, The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Rad, Top Gun, Stand by Me, The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Mission, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Caravaggio, Down by Law, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Decline of the American Empire, Lucas, River's Edge, Hour of the Star, The Horse Thief, Salvador, Crossroads, Nine 1/2 Weeks, Hoosiers, Over the Top, Epidemic, Near Dark, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Roxanne, "Good Morning, Vietnam", Moonstruck, "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", Broadcast News, Fatal Attraction, Empire of the Sun, Full Metal Jacket, No Way Out, The Last Emperor, La Bamba, Housekeeping, Withnail & I, *batteries not included, Project X, Wall Street, The Untouchables, The Dead, Under the Sun of Satan, Brightness, Matewan, Babette's Feast, Some Kind of Wonderful, Red Sorghum, Wings of Desire, Short Circuit 2, A World Apart, Grave of the Fireflies, Gorillas in the Mist, Twins, Big, Rain Man, Willow, The Bear, Hanna's War, Drowning by Numbers, Time of the Gypsies, La lectrice, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Salaam Bombay!, Frantic, Ariel, Cinema Paradiso, "Distant Voices, Still Lives", Dominick and Eugene, Landscape in the Mist, Medea, Stand and Deliver, Story of Women, The Last Temptation of Christ, Dangerous Liaisons, Dead Ringers, Gleaming the Cube, The Abyss, Kiki's Delivery Service, Say Anything..., "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover", My Left Foot, When Harry Met Sally..., Steel Magnolias, Field of Dreams, Zatôichi, Fat Man and Little Boy, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Sweetie, The Unbelievable Truth, Drugstore Cowboy, A City of Sadness, Do the Right Thing, "Sex, Lies, and Videotape", A Dry White Season, Glory, The Nasty Girl, Lord of the Flies, The Godfather: Part III, White Palace, Rocky V, Europa Europa, Dances with Wolves, Edward Scissorhands, Heaven and Earth, White Hunter Black Heart, Goodfellas, Awakenings, Reversal of Fortune, Trust, Close-Up, Days of Being Wild, The Hot Spot, "No Fear, No Die", Song of the Exile, The Asthenic Syndrome, Jacob's Ladder, Slacker, Europa, The Quarrel, The Fisher King, L.A. Story, The Silence of the Lambs, My Own Private Idaho, Thelma & Louise, Boyz n the Hood, Once Upon a Time in China, Rubin and Ed, Danzón , La belle noiseuse, Raise the Red Lantern, Rhapsody in August, Fried Green Tomatoes, Proof, Naked Lunch, The Double Life of Veronique, JFK, The Rapture, Dirty Like an Angel, The Man in the Moon, Mississippi Masala, The Power of One, Chaplin: The Movie, Sneakers, A League of Their Own, Like Water for Chocolate, A Few Good Men, The Cutting Edge, Malcolm X, Center Stage, The Lover (L'amant), Man Bites Dog, The Player, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Strictly Ballroom, Romper Stomper, The Crying Game, A Tale of Winter, Glengarry Glen Ross, Guelwaar, "Olivier, Olivier", Praying with Anger, The Waterdance, Dracula, Howards End, Dazed and Confused, Rudy, Money for Nothing, Benny & Joon, Falling Down, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, In the Name of the Father, The Sandlot, Groundhog Day, Alive, Schindler's List, Philadelphia, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Caro diario, Thirty Two Short movies About Glenn Gould, The Puppetmaster, "Hélas pour moi (Oh, Woe Is Me)", Short Cuts, Six Degrees of Separation, Much Ado About Nothing, The Wedding Banquet, The Blue Kite, The Secret Garden, King of the Hill, Three Colors: Blue, Farewell My Concubine (Ba wang bie ji), The Piano, Wide Sargasso Sea, The Trial, The Lion King, Queen Margot, Heavenly Creatures, Fist of Legend, Pom Poko, Ed Wood, Léon: The Professional, Nell, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Surviving the Game, Backbeat, Immortal Beloved, Satantango, Three Colors: White, "Corrina, Corrina", Muriel's Wedding, The Last Seduction, Through the Olive Trees, Wild Reeds, Chungking Express, Three Colors: Red, Sioux City, Little Women, The Net, Hackers, Heat, Casino, Now and Then, French Kiss, Zero Kelvin, Copycat, La cérémonie, Carrington, Mr. Holland's Opus, Before Sunrise, Braveheart, Apollo 13, Total Eclipse, To Die For, The Last Supper, Antonia's Line, Smoke, Summer Snow, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, How to Make an American Quilt, While You Were Sleeping, Underground, Cyclo, Strange Days, Blush (Hong fen), La Haine, Maborosi, Safe, The Crossing Guard, The White Balloon, A Little Princess, Dead Man, Circle of Friends, White Man's Burden, Last Man Standing, Beautiful Girls, The Ghost and the Darkness, Twister, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Cable Guy, Hamlet, Secrets & Lies, Sling Blade, Breaking the Waves, Shine, Trainspotting, Fargo, Basquiat, A Moment of Innocence, Box of Moon Light, Michael, Ridicule, Bound, If These Walls Could Talk, Gabbeh, Lone Star, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Jane Eyre, The Pillow Book, The English Patient, Wag the Dog, Contact, The Game, Princess Mononoke, Life Is Beautiful, Good Will Hunting, The Apostle, Amistad, Lolita, Gattaca, The Boxer, L.A. Confidential, Boogie Nights, G.I. Jane, Legend of the Wolf, Artemisia, The Butcher Boy, As Good as It Gets, Eye of God, Fireworks, Funny Games, Taste of Cherry, The Sweet Hereafter, Open Your Eyes, Lost Highway, The Ice Storm, Happy Together, Mrs. Dalloway, Titanic, The Idiots, Deep Impact, Train of Life, American History X, One True Thing, Patch Adams, Hilary and Jackie, Simon Birch, Pleasantville, Pi, Saving Private Ryan, Rushmore, The Thin Red Line, Crossfire, Buffalo '66, Happiness, Slums of Beverly Hills, Smoke Signals, The Mighty, Wide Awake, Dr. Akagi, The Last Days of Disco, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Next Stop Wonderland, Show Me Love, Following, Bajo California: El límite del tiempo, Hyderabad Blues, Left Luggage, The Celebration, The Gathering, Meet Joe Black, What Dreams May Come, High Art, Titus, But I'm a Cheerleader, Angela's Ashes, Snow Falling on Cedars, Instinct, Anna and the King, The Bone Collector, Fight Club, The Basket, The Cider House Rules, Man on the Moon, The Straight Story, The Hurricane, The Green Mile, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Magnolia, All About My Mother, American Beauty, The Sixth Sense, Three Kings, Topsy-Turvy, Anywhere But Here, Jakob the Liar, ABCD, Beau Travail, Jesus' Son, Ordinary Heroes, Shadows of the Past, "Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen", The Virgin Suicides, Any Given Sunday, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", Traffic, Wonder Boys, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Almost Famous, Unbreakable, Chocolat, Return to Me, Mercy Streets, Remember the Titans, Billy Elliot, Duets, Keeping the Faith, Malèna, Finding Forrester, Pay It Forward, In the Mood for Love, Love & Basketball, Gladiator, U-571, Cast Away, American Psycho, Dancer in the Dark, The Patriot, You Can Count on Me, Get Carter, Proof of Life, Rules of Engagement, Before Night Falls, Men of Honor, Pollock, Lumumba, Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel, The Day I Became a Woman, Bless the Child, Adanggaman, George Washington, Requiem for a Dream, Shadow of the Vampire, What Lies Beneath, Songcatcher, La Captive, Yi Yi, The Man Who Cried, Under the Sand, Big Eden, Maze, The Luzhin Defence, Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys, The Claim, Girlfight, The Opponent, Amores Perros, Kippur, Tigerland, "South of Heaven, West of Hell", The House of Mirth, Driven, Ali, Hannibal, Lantana, Road to Redemption, Training Day, Pearl Harbor, Metropolis, Blow, Ghost World, The Royal Tenenbaums, Mostly Martha, Fat Girl, Enemy at the Gates, The Shipping News, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, A Beautiful Mind, Shallow Hal, I Am Sam, The Majestic, Y Tu Mamá También, K-PAX, No Man's Land, Bridget Jones's Diary, Extremedays, Heist, The Musketeer, The Warrior, Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India, Waking Life, Riding in Cars with Boys, Nowhere in Africa, Kandahar, Buffalo Soldiers, Kingdom Come, No Such Thing, Rock Star, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Bartleby, In the Bedroom, L.I.E., The Man Who Wasn't There, Mulholland Dr., In Praise of Love, Last Orders, Life as a House, Morning, Riders, The Believer, CQ, Last Days, The Discovery of Heaven, The Affair of the Necklace, Black Hawk Down, The Others, The Piano Teacher, Moulin Rouge!, Gosford Park, Hearts in Atlantis, Donnie Darko, Lost and Delirious, Judgment, The Tailor of Panama, To End All Wars, Trouble Every Day, Dummy, Maid in Manhattan, Gangs of New York, Heaven, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Swimfan, Equilibrium, Windtalkers, Catch Me If You Can, Adaptation., Death to Smoochy, Bubba Ho-Tep, About a Boy, Bend It Like Beckham, John Q, Road to Perdition, The Hours, White Oleander, 8 Mile, We Were Soldiers, The Sum of All Fears, Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, Antwone Fisher, Frida, Real Women Have Curves, City of God, Whale Rider, The Rookie, Russian Ark, A Walk to Remember, Signs, Enough, The Pianist, The Climb, The Count of Monte Cristo, Hero, Rabbit-Proof Fence, About Schmidt, Barbershop, Roger Dodger, Secret Things, S1m0ne, Monsoon Wedding, Punch-Drunk Love, Sex Is Comedy, Pumpkin, Pingu-Pongu, 25th Hour, Lilya 4-Ever, City by the Sea, High Crimes, Irreversible, Far from Heaven, In This World, Joshua, July Rhapsody, Laurel Canyon, Leo, Morvern Callar, Respiro, Spider, The Guys, Manito, Tribulation Force, Bloody Sunday, Dark Water, The Mothman Prophecies, Nicholas Nickleby, Open Hearts, Tuck Everlasting, Time Changer, Changing Lanes, Max, Bollywood/Hollywood, The Hunted, Love Actually, American Splendor, Monster, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Mystic River, I Am David, Indigo, The Last Samurai, Thirteen, Pieces of April, Secondhand Lions, Bruce Almighty, Under the Tuscan Sun, Easy, Dogville, Oldboy, Cold Mountain, Runaway Jury, Camp, Lost in Translation, Osama, Luther, Big Fish, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, Biker Boyz, Holes, The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John, Open Water, 11:14, That Day, Matchstick Men, Calendar Girls, The Station Agent, Save the Green Planet!, The Fighting Temptations, Good Bye Lenin!, How to Deal, It Runs in the Family, Last Life in the Universe, Uptown Girls, 21 Grams, Elephant, Out of Time, Owning Mahowny, Mona Lisa Smile, "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring", Koi... Mil Gaya (I Found Someone), Shattered Glass, Gods and Generals, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Company, Alexandra's Project, The Return, Facing Windows, Against the Ropes, The Taste of Tea, The Terminal, Alexander, Cellular, Garden State, Sideways, Spanglish, The Girl Next Door, Collateral, The Alamo, We Don't Live Here Anymore, House of Flying Daggers, Man on Fire, Ladder 49, Troy, The Aviator, Millions, In Good Company, Little Black Book, The Manchurian Candidate, The Machinist, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Motorcycle Diaries, Hotel Rwanda, Beyond the Sea, Crash, Electric Shadows, Mysterious Skin, The Passion of the Christ, Before Sunset, Closer, Somersault, The Notebook, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Million Dollar Baby, Kinsey, Ray, Downfall, Spartan, The Punisher, Two Brothers, The Sea Inside, Finding Neverland, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, Melinda and Melinda, Palindromes, Saved!, The Syrian Bride, Maria Full of Grace, The Consequences of Love, A Way of Life, Moolaadé, Stage Beauty, The Holy Girl, Woman Thou Art Loosed, A Good Woman, Notre musique, Godsend, Birth, Wicker Park, November, The Village, A Home at the End of the World, Head-On (Gegen die Wand), Primer, Brothers, The New World, Last Days, Everything Is Illuminated, Elizabethtown, In Her Shoes, Mozart and the Whale, Manderlay, The Jacket, Flightplan, The World's Fastest Indian, Thank You for Smoking, The Weather Man, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Hustle & Flow, Time to Leave, Rent, Pride & Prejudice, Coach Carter, Batman Begins, Capote, Walk the Line, Cinderella Man, The Squid and the Whale, "Good Night, and Good Luck.", Proof, The Constant Gardener, End of the Spear, North Country, Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, King Kong, Duma, MirrorMask, Jarhead, Junebug, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Tsotsi, Match Point, Paradise Now, Dam Street, En la Cama, Live and Become, Loggerheads, Stolen Life, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Sun, Joyeux Noel, Caché (Hidden), Water, Syriana, A Scanner Darkly, Goya's Ghosts, The Science of Sleep, Half Nelson, Old Joy, Children of Men, Volver, The Bubble, United 93, Tell No One, The Fountain, Blood Diamond, The Queen, Stranger Than Fiction, The Illusionist, The Prestige, Notes on a Scandal, World Trade Center, Little Miss Sunshine, Pan's Labyrinth, Apocalypto, Rescue Dawn, The Fall, The Pursuit of Happyness, Catch a Fire, Marie Antoinette, Copying Beethoven, Delirious, Friends with Money, Venus, This Is England, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, The Departed, After the Wedding, Just Like the Son, Little Children, Madeinusa, Still Life, The Namesake, The Good Shepherd, Daft Punk's Electroma, Rocky Balboa, Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), Pathfinder, Caramel, Across the Universe, The Messengers, The Orphanage, Into the Wild, Bridge to Terabithia, Persepolis, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Charlie Wilson's War, The Band's Visit, Juno, Knocked Up, Lovesickness, No Country for Old Men, Boy A, There Will Be Blood, Premonition, The Last Mistress, 3:10 to Yuma, Lars and the Real Girl, Zodiac, Hannibal Rising, Blackbird, "Lust, Caution", Lions for Lambs, Control, I Am Legend, The Darjeeling Limited, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, A Mighty Heart, I'm Not There., La Vie en Rose (La môme), Bitter Sweetheart, He Was a Quiet Man, I Really Hate My Job, Mermaid (Rusalka), Slipstream, "You, the Living (Du Levande)", I Think I Love My Wife, Sex and Breakfast, Fracture, Gone Baby Gone, Michael Clayton, Lost in Beijing (Ping guo), Reign Over Me, Things We Lost in the Fire, Love Songs, Atonement, Four Sheets to the Wind, Love in the Time of Cholera, Silk, Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame, Bronson, W., Che: Part Two, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Sex and the City, Untraceable, Gran Torino, Wendy and Lucy, Summer Hours, Possession, Salt of This Sea (Milh Hadha al-Bahr), Two Lovers, Fling, Mesrine: Killer Instinct, Mesrine: Public Enemy #1, The Brothers Bloom, Burn After Reading, Sunshine Cleaning, "Definitely, Maybe", Strictly Sexual, Frozen River, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Let the Right One In, The X Files: I Want to Believe, Rachel Getting Married, The Reader, Sleep Dealer, The Dark Knight, Defiance, Che: Part One, Smart People, Goodbye Solo, Seven Pounds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Changeling, Doubt, Revolutionary Road, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Wrestler, The Hurt Locker, Milk, Nothing But the Truth, Slumdog Millionaire, Hunger, The Great Buck Howard, Rudo y Cursi, Felon, Gomorrah, Appaloosa, Bride Flight, Disgrace, Me and Orson Welles, My Only Sunshine, The Guitar, The Human Contract, Antarctica, Knowing, Funny People, The Road, A Serious Man, Fame, He's Just Not That Into You, The Girl Who Played with Fire, Law Abiding Citizen, The Lionshare, The White Ribbon, Moon, Obsessed, Agora, Mary and Max, Public Enemies, Invictus, The Last Station, Leaves of Grass, The Informant!, World's Greatest Dad, 17 Again, Pirate Radio, Taking Woodstock, (500) Days of Summer, An Education, Fish Tank, The Girlfriend Experience, The Other Woman, A Prophet, The Time Traveler's Wife, Crazy Heart, Cairo Time, Up in the Air, Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, Sin Nombre, Inglourious Basterds, Up, Notorious, Julie & Julia, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Amreeka, Antichrist, Precious, Enter the Void, Thirst, The Messenger, The Soloist, The Secret in Their Eyes, Fanboys, Where the Wild Things Are, Creation, I Killed My Mother, Within the Whirlwind, Nowhere Boy, Bright Star, City Island, The Joneses, Adventureland, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, I Love You Phillip Morris, "New York, I Love You", The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans, Mother, A Single Man, Dogtooth, Women Without Men, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, The Milk of Sorrow, Chloe, I Am Love, Stricken, Whip It, Brothers, White Material, Robin Hood, The Karate Kid, Tiny Furniture, How Do You Know, Green Zone, How to Train Your Dragon, Howl, The Runaways, Due Date, Ivory Tower, Blue Valentine, The Debt, Meek's Cutoff, 127 Hours, True Grit, Conviction, Leonie, The Social Network, The Fighter, The Kids Are All Right, Beginners, In a Better World, Winter's Bone, Hereafter, Of Gods and Men, Black Swan, Cyrus, The King's Speech, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Illusionist, Casino Jack, Barney's Version, The Tempest, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Meet Monica Velour, Animal Kingdom, Beyond, Biutiful, Buddha Mountain, Certified Copy, Heartbeats, Hesher, Lily Sometimes, Secretariat, Incendies, The Artist, X: Night of Vengeance, I Will Follow, 360, Like Crazy, The Grey, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Hugo, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Outside Satan, Shame, The Tree of Life, One Day, My Week with Marilyn, Drive, Polisse, A Simple Life, Melancholia, Monsieur Lazhar, The Descendants, A Separation, Weekend, Warrior, 1911, Moneyball, Bernie, All Together, Le Havre, Our Idiot Brother, This Must Be the Place, Where Do We Go Now?, The Future, Win Win, Miss Bala, Almayer's Folly, Circumstance, Detachment, In the Family, Margaret, The Beaver, The Ides of March, The Kid with a Bike, The Music Never Stopped, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Kiss Me (With Every Heartbeat), Love, The Ledge, In Darkness, War Horse, Magic Mike, Much Ado About Nothing, Sister (L'enfant d'en haut), Mud, The Master, Django Unchained, Foreign Letters, Thanks for Sharing, In the House, Silver Linings Playbook, The Place Beyond the Pines, Wadjda, Zero Dark Thirty, Les Misérables, Lore, Life of Pi, Frances Ha, Quartet, The Hunt, A Royal Affair, The Impossible, The Broken Circle Breakdown, Flight, Cloud Atlas, Argo, Lincoln, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Amour, Spring Breakers, Ernest & Célestine, Underground: The Julian Assange Story, The Magic of Belle Isle, English Vinglish, Detroit Unleaded, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (EMAET or Short Term Shadi), Safety Not Guaranteed, Compliance, Savages, Any Day Now, Eat Sleep Die, Fill the Void, Middle of Nowhere, Paradise: Love, Post Tenebras Lux, Welcome to Pine Hill, Blancanieves (Snow White), Filly Brown, Laurence Anyways, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Angels of Sex, Kahaani, The Grandmaster, Elysium, Belle, Blue Jasmine, The Bling Ring, Prisoners, Stranger by the Lake, Nebraska, The Wind Rises, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, Drinking Buddies, Only God Forgives, American Hustle, Ida, Short Term 12, Inside Llewyn Davis, Pleased to Meet Me, Under the Skin, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Fruitvale Station, Captain Phillips, Nymphomaniac: Vol. I, Nymphomaniac: Vol. II, Blue Is the Warmest Color, 42, Philomena, Her, Gravity, Rush, All Is Lost, Man of Tai Chi, Tracks, Tracks, 12 Years a Slave, Kill Your Darlings, Afternoon Delight, Cas & Dylan, The Great Beauty, The F Word, Side Effects, A Touch of Sin, Abuse of Weakness, Adore, Young and Beautiful, The Past, Before Midnight, Upstream Color, Bastards, The Grand Budapest Hotel, "Two Days, One Night", Force Majeure, Gone Girl, Boyhood, Selma, Pride, The Babadook, Noble, The Dance of Reality, While We're Young, Zero Motivation, The One I Love, Clouds of Sils Maria, GETT: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem, The Good Lie, Timbuktu, White God, Beyond the Lights, Ex Machina

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