Kill'em All (2017)

  • USA
  • 96
  • Action
  • 2017
4.3 out of 10


Wounded men arrive at a closed down hospital save E.R. Then men with guns arrive and start killing. Who are killing who and why? The FBI try to figure it out by interrogating the only survivor, a nurse, about her and Philip's role.


Name Role
Jean-Claude Van Damme Phillip
Autumn Reeser Suzanne
Peter Stormare Agent Mark Holman
Maria Conchita Alonso Agent Linda Sanders
Daniel Bernhardt Radovan Brokowski
Kris Van Damme Dusan
Mila Kaladjurdjevic Almira
Paul Sampson Klaus
Kieran Gallagher Zoran Brokowski
Peter Organ Ivan
Eddie Matthews Dimitri Petrovic
Dominic Salvatore Young Phillip
Nikki Caruso Phillip's Mother
David Maitland Dr. Todd
Talia Asseraf FBI Asst. Laura Berns
Jeffrey Riseden Businessman
Andrew S. Atkinson Phillip's Father
James P. Bennett Henchman

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