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Good Day All,

So as you all probably know (simply by either watching your local news or looking out your window you will be blessed with the cold, white stuff (Snow if you don’t get our drift)

Due to weather conditions your orders shipped out from this week may be delayed, this isn’t something that we at DVDLocker has done, this is down to our third party delivery company

If you are one of the not so lucky ones, please check this link to see if your postal service is working as expected.. If you want further clarification on this matter please contact our friendly Support Team at www.dvdlocker.co.uk/contact otherwise email us at support@dvdlocker.co.uk

The link to check if your affected – https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12556/session/L3RpbWUvMTUxOTgzMzUyMy9nZW4vMTUxOTgzMzUyMy9zaWQvZlUyYWFqWFhQV0xKOHRxSlp1X2F6bGRiJTdFTTFTMWJ5WDBRQ1l2YXlYejVXQjE0cl9tV2U2V0hVb3RNMmpJVVBZSUV3VXJrdmNVVWRxcEdaaDdDbTdpNWZNVURuZmY4TCU3RTlBVUhPWldpTmZucld2SDByRUwwS1gzQSUyMSUyMQ%3D%3D



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